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About us

We are territorially located in the gymnasium №59 Kyiv (Ukraine). Our educational institution has deep astronomical traditions and even small observatory. In every possible kinds of activity of the circle: astronomical observations, discussion of results and other actions the present and the former schoolchildren of the gymnasium, and also other amateurs of astronomy, who have found us on ways of their search, take part.

What our purposes and tasks? First, especially educational. That is we try to advance a level of astronomical knowledge at ourselves personally, and then for our comrades, neighbours, other schoolchildren of the gymnasium and other citizens doing their evening or morning jog by our telescopes. For, as is known, with fading of public interest to astronomy it is observed kindling of that to astrology, ufology and similar about-astronomical pseudosciences (and already people willingly trust the messages like that «this year such cold summer, as in the winter the comet flew by, and it in fact is there was such a lot of ice!?...»). Second, carrying out by our modest opportunities astronomical observations having though any scientific value. It is known, that fields, where the efforts of amateurs can be a little scientifically useful not too much:

a) Meteors

b) Comets

c) Variable stars

But each of them represents rather wide field of activity...

Our interests

1) Meteors

The basic direction of our activity is observation of meteors. Our results we aspire to make by property of the public, for example, sending them to IMO (International Meteor Organization). We try to not disregard large showers: the Geminids, the Perseids, and also the Leonids (as far as weather allows in November). And not it is unsuccessfully, in 2002 it was possible to see a small meteor shower at pre-dawn o'clocks on November, 19. We carry out observations of major showers under the IMO instruction for the account of observed meteors. Also we observe minor showers with drawing of meteors’ traces on maps in gnomonic projection. So in case of successful weather we aspire to look a meteor background in last dates of March (with the purpose of revealing a hypothetical shower of the λ-Bootids), in first dates of May (observation of the η-Aquarids) and in last dates of June (the June Bootids). Also we carry out radioobservations of meteors in the FМ-range.

2) Bolides

The big interest represents observation of bolides, but they, alas, not so frequently fly :-)! Therefore on our view it would be good to create some centre on assembly and analysis of the information about bolides seen by the amateurs of astronomy, and even by simply casual passers-by. Such information while is agglomerated and collected by us. Therefore if you have seen a bolide, and except for feelings of surprise and delight from this phenomenon you still had some information about it, inform us, we think, that it could be of advantage to mankind (though hardly will rescue as Bruce Willis the Earth from an asteroid flying to it). Information gathering details are here.

3) Eclipses

The special interest at us to solar and lunar eclipses.Our group had an opportunity to observe the full solar eclipse ((March 29, 2006 in Baskan (Russian Federation)). Next full sun Eclipse will be on August 1, 2008. Using computer planetarium STARCALC we got the map of passage of shadow of the Moon on the terrestrial surface is shown in drawing below. And even as it is given below :-) the table of total solar eclipses up to 2015 is placed



Maximal duration

The places whence the total phase is visible

August, 1



Arctic Ocean, West Siberia, China

July, 22



India, China, south of Japan, Pasific Ocean

July, 11,



Pasific Ocean, South America

November, 13



Australia, Pasific Ocean, South America

November, 3



America, Atlantic Ocean, Africa

March, 20



Atlantic Ocean between Europe and Greenland

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