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We welcome you on site of the astronomical club of the gymnasium №59. Kyiv (Ukraine)

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Next updates will be in 2008...

28.06.07 Tonight part of club members was accomplished journey on the out-of-town station of KNU in Lesniki, that under Kyiv, for the observation of June Bootid meteor shower. After 2,5 hours of uninterrupted observations there was seen 16 meteors the ways of which were plot on maps. Moon strongly interfered for oservations. In the near time the analysis of action will be publish in "Results of observations". And while suggest to familiarize with the results of oservations of June Bootid in 2006 here

22.06.07 On the today's club meeting were summed up leaving season 2006-2007. Some plans were also talked about on the future, touching such things, as: repair of observatory, conducting of cleaning day (to conduct this event it was decided on June, 30), unofficial closing of season on nature (with shish kebabs :) ), conducting of June Bootid observations (club members in the stage of readiness on June `27-30 ).. It is also planned to conduct the observations of Perseid on August, 12. Successful all summer rest! On a photo: Working out the totals of leaving season

08.06.07 Today on a club, there were testing of review corners of wide-angle camera which is used for the meteors videoobservations. On a photo: Sergey Stariy is busy at testing of camera which is set on meteoric fescue

12.05.07 Yesterday, on club meeting Yuriy Dulich told us about 12 greatest optical telescopes on a planet Earth. Also a question rose about preparation to the observations of June Bootid meteor shower. Possible date of observations: on June, 28. On a photo: Yuriys Duliches :) about telescopes

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